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“The Therapist’s Corner” examines the theoretical underpinnings of Cosmic Mirror programs – exactly how and why they are effective.  It is deliberately written in more academic language in an effort to convey to clinicians more directly the historical context and development of key concepts around which these programs have been designed.  Written in a style typical of the research from individual and group psychotherapy with which the trained clinician is likely quite familiar, special emphasis is placed on three fundamental assumptions underlying Cosmic Mirror programs. (Click here to learn more ... )


Public Events

Unfolding the Hidden Self
by Finding Deeper and More Meaningful Connections with Others


   Do you long for greater personal freedom, greater ability to express yourself, or greater clarity that you are living a life that is truly engaging for you? This powerful and super-charged weekend residential workshop will help you find the lost parts of yourself and transform them into powerful and life-enhancing tools for daily living.

   Feeling out-of-touch, cut off, or alienated from your higher purpose and your place in the world? Many feel unsure of what they stand for, what gives their life meaning, and what is truly fulfilling. This workshop is designed for those who long for a life of greater personal freedom, greater ability to express themselves, and greater clarity that they are living a life that is really engaging for them.

   In our daily lives, we our surrounded by many heartfelt tensions and divisions that are difficult to cope with. Often without our knowing it, the chaos that is out in the world is reflected back toward us, where it resonates with the tension that we hold within. To really know our in-depth self, we must become aware of how others in our lives mirror these inner tensions.

   Based on their book, A View from the Cosmic Mirror, Gary Gemmill, Ph.D. and George Kraus, Ph.D. have designed a peaceful and reflective weekend to help you uncover the beauty within you and welcome it back into your life. It is designed to shift your internal energies and revive your inner passions though a safe but emotionally intensive, transformative educational experience.

   Blending ancient and modern wisdom with time-honored practices, this Cosmic Mirror workshop is designed to reveal the depth and the scope of the unrevealed self – its self-defeating negativity and its own concealed brilliance and light – and begin to make peace with it. Don’t put it off – awaken what is truly authentic within you, and begin your journey down a new path.

Special Note:
The experiential education that will be available at these workshops can be enlightening and stimulating, and it can evoke significant levels of emotion. Therefore, those individuals who are experiencing a period of heightened personal difficulty should postpone their attendance until a later date.

Unfolding the Hidden Self
by Finding Deeper and More Meaningful Connections with Others

Early Registration - $350.00


Over 14 Hours of Workshop Events and Activities!
Friday 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm; 3:00 pm - 5:30 pm; 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Sunday 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

To register, contact George Kraus, Ph.D. at 925.238.6466.

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