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What people are saying about A View from the Cosmic Mirror ...

"In a word, powerful. Clearly illustrates the profundity and absurdity of our relationships with others. Takes the reader beyond the polarities of our conflicts with others to a place of renewal and hope for a more unified and peaceful world."

      Philip Lichtenberg, Ph.D., Director of the Gestalt Therapy Institute of Philadelphia and
      author of Encountering Bigotry:   Befriending Projecting Persons in Everyday Life.

"Self-help for the wounded soul is reflected by the cosmic mirror. The work of authors Gemmill and Kraus suggests that our life experiences are a valuable reporting mechanism, a tool by which one may confront personal issues: The core idea of the cosmic mirror is that we unknowingly populate the world around us with our denied inner attributes and struggles.   Petty squabbles, emotionalism and intense dislike of others offer vital clues to unresolved material in the shadow and aura. The shadow is the dark side of the self, a repository of denied urges and feelings, while the aura holds unexpressed talents and qualities. Whatever is repressed is projected onto others. We may react with hypercriticism or blind devotion, yet the enemy and the hero within us require acknowledgment and expression for full realization of the self, according to Gemmill and Kraus. Outing the shadow and aura can lead to a healthier, more expansive and less polarized view. Denial can lead to downfall, as in the case of Eliot Spitzer, whose illicit behavior was not unlike the crimes of those he prosecuted when he was the New York State Attorney General.   In addition to enhancing self-understanding, the principles presented by the authors can be applied to relations with parents, coworkers and significant others, as well as our perceptions of those in the public eye, be they politicians, athletes, government officials, royalty or celebrities. The authors masterfully develop their thesis and thoroughly support it with personal stories of workshop participants, the writings of poets and philosophers, Native American wisdom, Japanese folklore, pop culture and the seminal work of Carl Jung. Illustrations, diagrams and a glossary facilitate understanding of psychological terms and concepts. Numerous practical and perceptual exercises aid in revealing the inner you. To thine own self be true, thanks to the cosmic mirror.

A beautifully rendered, well-organized and supremely effective guide, full of insights for the ages."

Kirkus Discoveries, Kirkus Media LLC, 6411 Burleson Rd., TX 78744 (discoveries@kirkusreviews.com)


"To say that the material in this book and course has fundamentally changed my life for the better is a vast understatement. This innovative book was able to cut through decades of defenses and self-medication in a matter of hours and help me constructively replace them with a deep sense of passion, peace, humility and empathy."  

Bob Kalka, author of The Emotionally Authentic Christian

"A View from the Cosmic Mirror is perceptive, timely and wise. Peppered with clinical vignettes, it encourages us to search our souls, our darkness, and our projections in the quest toward wholeness."

Kate Amatruda, MFT, author of Sandplay, The Sacred Healing

"Insightful and articulate, A View from the Cosmic Mirror is a rich and enlightening pathway to look more deeply at ourselves and others. Gary and George's inspiring examples and stories help us all."

Peter Lichtenberg, Ph.D., Director of the Institute of Gerontology at Wayne State University

"A View from The Cosmic Mirror offers powerful lessons in self-discovery grounded in cross-cultural perspectives, from Carl Jung to Lakota spiritualism; from contemporary images to Buddah and the Bible. Using accessible language and straightforward tools, Gemmill and Kraus provide each of us who care to look, with a view of ourselves in the Cosmic Mirror of our reactions to and relationships with others in the world around us. With the authors as guides, A View from the Cosmic Mirror takes the reader on a journey to increased self-awareness and a deeper understanding of the source of life's sometimes painful struggles and the gifts we possess and often cannot see. Beyond the direct benefits of individual personal growth, A View from The Cosmic Mirror has tremendous value for business leaders, management consultants and those of us whose professional responsibilities include guiding, coaching and developing others, as well as managing and resolving conflicts. The insights gained by looking into the Cosmic Mirror of the self, are exceptionally useful to gain a greater understanding of others, their gifts and their struggles. Experienced practitioners will find this important book provides a wealth of resources to complement and enhance their effectiveness in working with clients. This book belongs on everyone's bookshelf."

Lou Tufford, CEO and Principal Consultant, Tufford and Associates, Inc., Management Consulting

"The insights that Gary and George offer have been instrumental in helping me to go inside myself and learn what was me, instead of continually looking towards others to see who I was. Along the way, I discovered love for myself and others, like I had never known before."

June McIntyre Georgia, Communications Expert

"I am so on board with what you are saying in A View from the Cosmic Mirror. This book is for every one of us! It explains in plain language some of the most profound mysteries to understanding our deeper self. I learned in new ways how to uncover my own blind spots and become more whole, just by looking more closely at my experiences with others. Thank you for giving me some simple yet profound tools for becoming a more complete person."

Katherine Lewis, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist


"A View from the Cosmic Mirror is a gem of a book! Drs. Gemmill and Kraus have found a way to help us all see what lies behind our own blind spots. In science, we have learned that the act of observation always affects the objects being observed - there is no such thing as a completely objective observation. This, of course, is an even more fundamental dynamic in people's observations, perceptions and misperceptions of each other.  A View from the Cosmic Mirror gives us a method for using our own reactions to others to become more aware of those parts of ourselves of which we are least conscious. This deeper understanding of ourselves leads us into greater wholeness, greater integrity, and greater compassion both for ourselves and each other. Congratulations to these thoughtful authors for finding a way to help us all grow in our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Kudos!"

Katherine LeVesconte, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Director of Oesterland Home for Children

"This book is for every one of us.   It explains in plain and simple language some of the most profound mysteries of the ages. It shows us that it is never too late to understand our deeper self. It is not just a book but a powerful experience in awakening to the full dimensions of our self."

Betty Swenson, Artist