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Cosmic Mirror Consulting Services
    As a key part of our services, we offer depth-oriented human relations consulting. These services are not for everyone; they are intended exclusively for those who are ready to make a transformational change in the way they see themselves and manage their interpersonal relationships with others.

Our Philosophy of Accelerated Experiential Process Consultation

    Cosmic Mirror Consulting Services foster an accelerated form of emotional learning that utilize depth-oriented experiential processes designed to enhance participants' understanding of group development a a deep level. As a culture, we tend to inhibit emotional authenticity and openness around others but in effective process consultation, group members learn that they can overcome their deeply embedded sense of loneliness and isolation and become more fully contributing agents in their own productive process. Gary and George utilize the breadth of knowledge from the worlds of management, psychology, and sociology to assist participants in enhancing their own encounters with others and trust their own intuition about what their clients may need to help them feel a part of something larger than themselves and connected to a wider community. 

    Accelerated Experiential Process Consultation stems from a focus on phenomenology -- in our view, the consultant’s effectiveness stems from their skills in helping their clients fully experience their emotions before prematurely processing them.   This means paying close attention to all of what is happening in the moment – cognitively, emotionally, and especially viscerally.  The body speaks as much or more truth than do words.  Learning to label feelings follows being able to first existentially experience them. This creates an energized, transformational state with open access to the whole of their resources. We are calling the experience Integrative Existential Engagement.

    Accellerated group growth and reparation emerge from a focus on core feelings -- partly in reaction to the highly intense but mismanaged encounter groups of the 1970s, movement away from examining deeper and more affect-laden emotions have led process consultants away from the core issues that foster real and meaningful development. In Integrative Existential Engagement, the focus is on core feelings that contain and block the greatest level of useful energy.  These core feelings can be revealed through consultant-based interventions that encourage the exploration and experimentation with their clients’ existential affective experience.This is the central focus of Accellerated Experiential Process Consultation – how to help form positive attachments and meaningful connections with others and to exponentially marshal untapped resources.

Coaching and Organizational Consulting

    In an emotionally sensitive, responsible, yet strikingly impactful way, Cosmic Mirror coaching and consulting interventions are designed to reveal the depth and the scope of the hidden aspects of the self and the organization. They are devised to help individuals and organizations discover their blind spots, to unveil its self-defeating negativity, and eventually to reveal to the underutilized yet penetrating and illuminating brilliance and light. Self-revelation is risky, though. Most executives are fearful of taking the kind of emotional leap we are suggesting. The idea of it frightens, because it inevitably means disrupting the status quo. It means seeing and confronting oneself and others in a new way -- to discover what others may already know about us but that we have avoided seeing in our self.

    For an organization to make soaring upturns in performance, quality control, staff development and retention, market share, or morale requires surfacing what has been undiscussable, unseen, or unknown about itself. It requires that its executives look into and behind their own cosmic mirror. We would estimate that about one in one hundred business leaders and chief executives are ready to explore themselves and their organization in this transformative way. What it demands is a deep commitment to one's own personal growth and to the growth of others.

    We have had extensive consulting experience with Fortune 500 Corporations, health care systems, financial institutions, small businesses, governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, volunteer organizations, and universities. We do both face-to-face consulting and e-consulting, when it seems appropriate. Our consulting takes many forms, because we customize it to our clients and what they need and want. We also do experiential seminars and workshop of various lengths that are focused on applying the principles of the cosmic mirror to everyday life within the organization. We will promptly respond to your inquiry or request, explore with you what type of consulting service would be most useful to you, and provide a proposal free of charge.